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Polish History and WWII Buffs, who is Lt. Jozef Kosacki?  Do you know his claim to fame?
Hint: His invention saved many allied lives.  That's it, no more hints.
Watch this short video for the answer.

Visit our "Great People of Polish Descent" page!

In keeping with our theme of "The Children" this year, check out our Irene Sendler Page.
There information on Irena and a full length movie as well as some short videos that you will find of interest.

Other recent interesting reads include Treblinka - The 1943 Uprising and The Jan Karski Page

Interview on Polish President Andrzej Duda by Tucker Carlson: Family is the foundation of every nation.
Watch the interview on You Tube.

Behind Closed Doors

Presidential Proclamation on General Pulaski Memorial Day
Read Donald J. Trump's Proclamation here!

Surviving Genocide
by Donna Chmara

The author describes the loss of her home in Eastern Europe during World War II, her family's deportation to a Nazi labor camp, and their eventual arrival in the United States. Relying on historic sources, interviews with twenty survivors and personal experience, the author focuses on the danger of identifying solely with a group or ideology rather than with the fact of our shared humanity.
Exiled from her home in Eastern Poland as a baby, the author chronicles the aggression against Polish citizens, Jewish and Christian, by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during World War II. For many it will be the first time hearing about the deportation of thousands to the Soviet Union for forced labor, a topic they have not met in school or in the media. Nor do they know about plans to replace Christianity and all religion with deification of Hitler and the Nazi party. The author weaves this type of information into true accounts of survival from 20 eyewitnesses whom she interviewed over the course of 10 years.

About the Author

Donna Chmara is currently the President of the Polish Arts Club of Trenton.   Donna Chmara is a writer and public speaker, She has been a classroom teacher, school administrator, communications director, and a state education department executive. In my many leadership positions, she has written speeches, proposals, and articles and has spoken at national and state conferences. She taught English as a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkey, at Trenton Central High School, and at The College of New Jersey.
As Communications Director for the New Jersey Association of School Administrators, she managed all media contact and publications. After launching the association magazine, she earned an award of excellence from the National Association of Education Information Officers. While Director of the New Jersey State Board of Education, she was elected president of the National Association of State Board Executives. As Personnel Director in the New Brunswick School District in New Jersey, she helped administer 12 inner city schools. Read More about the Donna and her fantastic book!

Marilyn Fontes Jose Passes Away

Marilyn Jose

Marilyn Fontes Jose, 81, of Hamilton, passed away November 16, 2020. The entire Polish Arts Club of Trenton's membership wishes to express our most sincere condolences to David and the entire Jose family.  Marilyn was the 2019 Polish Arts Club's Honoree for her contributions to Polonia.  Read more about Marilyn and see some pictures with her wonderful smile.  RIP

Christ the King
Pomnik Chrystusa Króla

Christ is King Statue

Christ the King (Polish: Pomnik Chrystusa Króla, lit. "Monument of Christ the King") is a statue of Jesus Christ in Świebodzin, western Poland. Completed on 6 November 2010 The project was conceived and led by Sylwester Zawadzki, a local retired Polish priest. It is the second tallest statue of Jesus in the world.   Read More

Andrzej Pityński Passes Away

Andrzej Pityński

Maestro Andrzej Piotr Pityński passed away on September 18, 2020.  He was an Artist/Sculptor, a proud Polish-American Patriot, and a recipient of Poland's Order of the White Eagle.  Andrzej was the 2019 Polish Arts Club's Honoree for his contributions to Polonia.  Read about Andrzej Pityński's life and works on our 2015 Honoree Page.  There are also many pictures of his life works, videos and some pictures of his early life.  You will also find his obituary there as well.  RIP

The Treblinka Train Stationd
The Treblinka Train Station

Treblinka - The 1943 Uprising

The Jews of Warsaw were shipped to the extermination camp Treblinka II. But a plucky band of Polish army officers, doctors and Jewish slave labourers decided to launch an uprising in 1943 and escape from certain death at the hands of the SS.

Watch On You Tube

Episode 1 (28 min)

Episode 2 (15 min)

Episode 3 (19 min)

This series is by military historian and author Dr. Mark Felton.

Jan Karski,

Jan Karski (Kozielewski)
WWII Polish Freedom Fighter
"The man who tried to stop the holocaust"


WWII, Liberators and Liberated

WWII, Part I, Liberators and Liberated

Presented by the Pilecki Institute of Warsaw
& National WWII Museum in New Orleans
More info on right.
This is a Facebook link.

WWII, Part I, Liberators and Liberated is a new series of international webinars organized by the Pilecki Institute of Warsaw, Poland and and the National World War II Museum of New Orleans, USA.  Part I is 3 short first hand witness videos about WWII and the Holocaust followed by a round table discussion. This link is to their Facebook page and currently active.  Hopefully they will host the video on another platform for all to view.  Click on the picture or title at left to their Facebook page.  You may have to scroll down to find the video as time passes the January 28, 2021 showing.  This is really a great video worthy of your time.

Debbie Majka

We were honored to have Debbie Majka, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland for SE Pennsylvania at our March meeting.


John Paul II, the Holy Man

Pictures of the event sponsored by the
Polish Arts Club and St. Hedwig Parish
Save The Date!
April 24, 2022
76th Annual Scholarship
& Honoree Awards Luncheon

Polish Underground Fighters,

5 Cent Flag of Poland Stamp
Overrun Countries Series

Have you ever seen this stamp?


Seven Paintings on Polish History

Seven Paintings on Polish History

The seven paintings on Polish history by The Brotherhood of St. Luke were commissioned for the Polish Pavilion of the New York World's Fair in Flushing Meadow Queens, 1939-40. Their display together with the Szymanski tapestries and other prized cultural and historical items constituted the Polish Pavilion's Hall of Honor, the centerpiece of Poland's iconic towered pavilion designed by Jan Cybulski and Jan Galinowski.

Written by Peter J. Obst.
Read More & See the Paintings

The Wieliczka Salt Mine
The Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most valuable monuments of material and spiritual culture in Poland.
"The Last Bottle"

A bottle of Baczewski Vodka stolen in 1945 Why would this man steal vodka?
Find out why!

First Poles in America

Read About The First
Polish Settlers in America
October 1, 1608

Front pages of 'The Wedding' by Stanislaw Wyspianski, 1901
Discover 8 Classics from Poland's Required Reading Curriculum has hand-picked eight classic Polish texts from this list in order to see what they're about, and what they say about Poland.

Canadian pianist Jan Lisiecki has won acclaim for his extraordinary interpretive maturity, distinctive sound, and poetic sensibility.


"Slaying The Soviet Beast"

Author Zbigniew Wojcik conveys the incredible true story of how he discovered and delivered information that overcame the Soviet Bloc. He warns about the rising threat of socialism in the US today.

Pisanki Demonstration Program

Conducted By Local Artist Leona Law

Sponsored By The Polish Arts Club Of Trenton

Everyone had a great time learning
to make the traditional pisanki.

Thank you so much Leona!


Polish Arts Club Photo Album

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Then use the browser's "BACK" button to return here

See the annual Picture Albums for the full size pictures

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Marion Winters

A Great WWII Vet of Polish Descent

Retired US Air Force Major
Marion Winters (Wasowicz)

Submitted by Peter Obst.
Col. Francis Stanley Gabreski

Col. Francis Stanley "Gabby" Gabreski

Polish American Fighter Pilot
WWII and Korean War Ace

Dr. Pawel Tabakow

A medical team led by Polish surgeon, Dr. Pawel Tabakow, regrow cells of patient's severed spine in a breakthrough that offers hope to millions with disability

Dr. Walter Golaski

Polish American Mechanical
Bio-Medical Engineer

Best known for developing Dense Knit Dacron Vascular Prostheses

Read more about Dr. Walter Golaski

Historical Marker Dedication
Pictures by Peter Obst

Pulaski Birthday Commemoration
in Savannah, Georgia
March 5, 2016

This year's annual birthday ceremonies honoring Revolutionary War General Pulaski, the Polish cavalryman known as "The Father of the American Cavalry" took place on the afternoon of March 5, 2016 on Monterey Square in Savannah, Georgia.

Read and See More

National Polish American
Sports Hall of Fame

NPASHF You Tube Videos

The National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1973 to honor those who have achieved greatness in their sport and community. The NPASHF strives to be a national platform of Polish-American pride through the recognition of the athletic achievements of its members.

Submitted by Fred Brodzinski.  Thanks Fred!!

Henryk Sienkiewicz - Three Stories

Translator/writer Peter Obst has breathed new life into these lively tales rendering them into a form accessible and understandable to english Speaking readers. Those who care to sample the wit and humor of Poland's most famous writer will be delighted by these stories. Available from Amazon.Com.

Read more about the book and Peter Obst

Finding Your Polish Roots
Problems, Challenges, Solutions
A Presentation by Peter Obst

     Mr. Peter J. Obst presented "Finding Your Polish Roots" to the Polish Arts Club membership at a recent monthly meeting. Mr. Obst presented some of the problems, challenges and soulutions to tracing your Polish ancestry.
     See Mr. Obst's presentation is provided here with his permission in both MS Power Point and Adobe PDF formats and some handy links.

Click for all the information

Polish Children's Heartline


Established in 1985, The Polish Children's Heartline is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit volunteer organization which raises money to purchase medical equipment for children's heart surgery in pediatric units throughout Poland. They are currently working in the regions of Katowice, Lodz, Zabrze, Bialystok, Suwalki and Grajewo. Every year over 2,000 procedures are performed in Poland on children with heart problems. In almost 30 years, The Polish Children's Heartline has donated over $20 million dollars' worth of medical equipment, saving thousands of Polish children's lives.

VISIT the Polish Children's Heartline website.

In June 1952, a woman was murdered by an obsessed colleague in a hotel in the South Kensington district of London. Her name was Christine Granville. That she died young was perhaps unsurprising; that she had survived the Second World War was remarkable.

Read More About The Book

Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin is a book written by Timothy D. Snyder, first published by Basic Books on October 28, 2010. The book is about the mass killing of an estimated 14 million non-combatants by the regimes of Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union and Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany between the years 1933 and 1945.

Read More About The Book

"WWII In Photos

A Retrospective in 20 Parts
by Alan Taylor

World War II is the story of the 20th Century. The war officially lasted from 1939 until 1945, but the causes of the conflict and its horrible aftermath echoed for decades in both directions.

Click Here for the entire series

Kinga Augustyn is a Polish-born and New York City based versatile classical concert violinist and recording artist gaining worldwide recognition through her performances as a concerto soloist, recitalist and chamber musician. Pictured above is her upcoming release on Centaur Records in 2017. Listen to the 2 short sound clips below.

Read More About Ms. Augustyn
Kinga Agustyn Discography
M. Bruch: Violin Concerto No. 1
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Violin Concerto

Barbara Alex Aleksandrowicz is elated to announce the 10th Anniversary of the Polish American Poets Academy. She is the President of the Academy and is proud to say that the Academy has achieved its reputation, quite deservedly, as a Polish American treasure.

Read More About The Academy
Pope John Paul II

Great Men and Women
of Polish Descent

Read about more great men and women of Polish descent

Polish Arts Club
Katyn Forest Massacre Page

Including some by our 2015 Polonaise Ball Honoree, Andrzej Pitynski.

Katyn Forest Massacre Information

Memorials Around the World

What really happened in the 1946 Kielce pogrom

Editorial submitted by one of our club members.   Please take a few minutes to READ this well written letter by Marilyn Fontes Jose. Also see:

The Museum of Family History

Behind Closed Doors

World War II Behind Closed Doors Stalin, the Nazis and the West

A fact sheet written by William Muszynski

Polish News and Links

Various Polish News and other links for your reading pleasure.


World War II Invaders Turned Poland Into Hell

Editorial submitted by Donna Chmara pointing out some vital information that was missing from Sharon Schlegel's column. READ this well written letter by Donna.

The Peasant Prince, A Two-Country Freedom Fighter Book Review

A Two-Country Freedom Fighter Book Review

"The Peasant Prince," by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Alex Storozynski. A NY Times book review submitted by Donna Chmara.

Behind Closed Doors Film Event and
Polish Arts Club Reception Dinner with Dr. Marek Konarzewski
The Polish Arts Club of Trenton was honored to have Dr. Professor Marek Konarzewski from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington DC as their guest speaker. Dr. Konarzewski provided further insight to the Laurence Rees film "Behind Closed Doors" held on October 24, 2010.  The event was attended by 250 people at the Mercer County Conference Center.  Selected portions of the film were shown along with superb commentary from Dr. Konarzewski.  Opening remarks were offered by Dr. Patricia C. Donohue, President of Mercer County Community College  Dr. Konarzewski also answered questions from the audience.  Light refreshments were served afterward along with a wonderful display table guarded by a Polish Soldier, Krzystof J. Czuj.  The Polish Arts Club applauds the audience for their interest and suport.  The Polish Arts Club is very grateful to the American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC) for a grant which made this in part possible. We also thank the following donors for their support: Leonardo's II Restaurant, Pulaski Meats at the Trenton Farmers Market and Paul Bosse.  There have been nothing but great comments about the event.  The committee was chaired by Donna Chmara and William Muszynski.  Sto Lat to the the entire committee for all of their hard work planning and executing a great event!

Philadelphia and its surrounding towns including Trenton. With excellent footage of downtown scenes, neighborhoods, the Mummers Parade, Levittown, factories in Camden, New Jersey.
View The Pictures

Submitted by Fred Brodzinski

And Did You Know Who Is Józef Poniatowski?

How about Private Wojtek and the Bear?

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Katyn Massacre Monument in Katowice, Poland

Katyn Forest Massacre Monument in Katowice, Poland